Published On: Tue, Nov 30th, 2021

Pamela to Put our house in order of Proper Priorities

Putting our house in order of proper priorities of first things first.

The fact that mrs.Pamela Gordon Carty has now assumed leadership of the USP, the first and foremost action we are looking forward to is:

Putting our house in order of proper priorities.

First things first in adressing:

1) the pleas and plights,

2) the perils, predicaments and problems facing our people in Country ST.Maarten.

With a cool, calm and collective approach we expect her to place, pile oops put pressure on government to ease or eradicate the long sufferings of our people in Country ST.Maarten.

At the same when and while not being in government we expect her to continue her activities in implementing her:

2021 FINANCIAL, ECONOMIC, SOCIAL & SPATIAL RECOVERY PLAN PART 1 book as alternative means of sensible and successful sustainable options in times of trials and tribulations.

She has definitely made progress on her agriculture project.

Which she has been informing the public from time to time on the progress made in that area of activity.

Her philosophy on agriculture becomes even more evident by working together and coming together of workers soon to be employed by her in setting up these algricuture projects.

Agricultural activity as an example of economic diversification to our traditionally one pillar tourist economy.

This allows us to be more successful in surviving and sustaining ourselves after an eventual natural disaster.

Agriculture is also mentioned in her book as an alternative in strengthening our fragile traditional economy.

Let us all support her with her vision and views in bringing true progress and prosperity for our people in Country ST.Maarten.

Credible conclusions:

* people should not go to bed when being hungry.

* people shoud not work when being hungry.

* people should not continue living in hunger.

Last but not least:

We cannot go anywhere and anytime soon on a hungry belly!

Every country or nation must be able to feed itself first and foremost.

Observations by mr.Edwin James.