Published On: Mon, Nov 1st, 2021


Dear Editor,

Although I am tempted to say a few things that point directly to the character of the present holder of the office of President of Parliament, I want to focus on the stature and importance of that position and office, as well as the role of the other 14 Parliamentarians.

When any of the 15 Representatives of ‘We the People’, before or during their time in office, goes off the rails, it needs to be called out and dealt with, particularly when they do not have the decency to recognize their indiscretion, draw their conclusions and exit Stage Left.

Most of us learn about integrity and decency from the upbringing we get at home. Mistakes are made by all of us, but when holders of ‘high office’ (repeatedly) display a serious lack of judgment, suggest that ‘pay for play’ is accepted practice, arrogantly flaunt behavior not in keeping with their position, communicate using language full of ‘bad-words’ (expletives) and obvious total disdain for women, and otherwise project seriously narcissistic traits, we the people MUST demand immediate corrective action to be taken by the institution(s) that is (are) empowered to do so.

After 11 years of trials and (many) failures, it is time we accept and embrace the notion that for “Country” Sint Maarten to be respected by others, we must first and foremost respect ourselves and through integrity and transparency earn that respect from others. With authority comes accountability and responsibility. Those are not just pretty words; in fact, I was reminded of the fact that this principle is in our constitution and is accepted by holders when taking the oath.

Elected members of parliament are required to be accountable and responsible for the laws of this country and to support the welfare of the people. As voters, we must all do OUR part and treat this latest episode for what it is: a gross disrespect for the position, the office, the institution, and the PEOPLE of Sint Maarten. Michael J. FerrierNovember 1, 2021