Published On: Sat, May 13th, 2023

Retribution or Sinister Agenda

Dear Editor,

Again and again, prosecutors operating in this territory are embarrassing our judicial system.

They went on a house searching rampage, again, under the pretext of “fraud, forgery and taking bribery”, by MP Emanuel, during his tenure as a Minister, 7 years ago.

It’s either they were pissed off with the MP being exonerated, that the prosecutor decided to try a “thing” again, or was aided and abetted by persons operating in government hierarchy.

In their first investigation, which was initiated by a former Minister, did they overlooked the alleged bribery and forgery committed with others or were they in so much a hurry to prosecute the MP?

They mentioned the investigation is ongoing.  What investigation?

In the USA, prosecutors are bold enough to detail what they are investigating, but these amateurs here peddles to the public the same press releases like songs playing, over and over on a scratch record or CD.

Where’s the so-called transparency to the community in which they operate? 

Instead of disseminating the same old standard type of press releases, call a press conference and tell this community what you are investigating, who the suspects are and why.

Oops, they forgot to include money laundering and tax evasion, in their last press release.

With all that incompetence, judges still signs off on house searches that delivers “nada nada”, but trauma to children who are in their home getting ready to go to school.

To further aggravate the trauma, they must endure these searches by persons who don’t look like them, and the same time the men of the SMPD are relegated to guarding the premises and putting handcuffs on suspects

But then again, they say we are so corrupt, that their dumb actions are to so-called cleanup this community. What a thing!

On another note, Parliament on September 15, 2015, took a unanimous “cojones” decision on a then head of the prosecutors establishment regarding his arrogant statements towards the people of this community. Check out the mentioned date for more info.

Perhaps another action should be forthcoming, for the incompetence of this present Prosecutors regime.

So now what is it, retribution or a sinister agenda?

F. Lake