Published On: Mon, Jun 14th, 2021

Wake up call for the government of St. Maarten

Dear Editor,

Not so long ago we had the saga at the airport which led to the firing of the CEO, who was later reinstated by a judge because of technicality.

One would think that this would be a wake up call for the present government of Sint Maarten. But lo and behold it is their way of dealing with corporate governance and the civil code, book 2.

I come to this conclusion reading an advice that was rendered to the PM by the CGC on April 14, 2021. Is this incompetence or mismanagement of all the government-owned companies?
You judge for yourself.

The problems at Telem were of such magnitude that meetings of the SBOD took place four times monthly.
Yet the PM has found it fit to nominate a person as chairperson who resides in Holland and is prepared to visit the island twice a year to chair strategic meetings. What is the government’s true purpose here?
Is it to allow the CFO and the CEO to direct Telem’s funds to where it serves the hidden agenda best?

There is too much going on. The CGC is clear in its advice yet the PM ignores it without proper explanation. What about comply or explain?
Where is the Integrity Chamber?
Where are the Parliamentarians?
Where is the Public Prosecutor?
Are all that blind?

Name withheld upon request