Published On: Sun, Sep 17th, 2023

Why should the Sint Maarten and Curaçao people CARE about and pay CLOSE(R) attention to the Ennia Saga?

Dear Editor,

Firstly, it’s important to note that the underlying management, supervision, and governance issues are not unique to ENNIA.

Curaçao is in dire need of a public financial injection for the Curacao Medical Center. On Sint Maarten, concerns arise regarding NV GEBE, the management of the Old Pension Fund by SZV, SZV itself, and the nearly stagnant hospital project.

While many of us may consider it normal to be repeatedly bailed out by the Netherlands, it’s essential to realize that this assistance comes at a cost. The people in the Netherlands also work hard and diligently for their money.

Bailouts naturally entail certain conditions, often leading to a reduction in our authority, particularly when we consistently fail to take the necessary measures to address and resolve our issues independently.

Can we within reason be upset when the authorities and powers that we have to cater to our responsibilities, but regretfully structurally neglect, in time shift to others, i.c. the Netherlands?

This transformation must begin with our citizens caring more and paying closer attention. We must then demand accountability. These are the bare minimum steps we can take if we hope to maintain our current lifestyle and pass it on to our children.

Jairo Bloem


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