Published On: Tue, Jan 16th, 2024

Coalition intends to align manifestos by February 3

PHILIPSBURG — The four parties that have signed a coalition agreement – URSM, DP, PFP and NOW – will present no later than February 3 a document in which they align their respective manifestos. Before taking office, the four parties will also present a clear and detailed governing program.

This appears from the agreement the four parties signed just two days after the elections, on January 13. To find common ground and to address potential pain points, the coalition partners intend to hire an as yet unidentified third party.

The coalition agreement gives the position of prime minister and the ministry of general affairs to URSM (Unified Resilient St. Maarten Movement), making party leader Luc Mercelina the most likely successor of Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. URSM also claimed the ministry of public health, social development and labor (VSA) and the position of deputy minister plenipotentiary.

The Democratic Party will become responsible for the ministry of tourism, economic affairs, transport and telecommunication (TEATT) and the ministry of finance. The DP also gets the position of president of parliament.

The Party for Progress (PFP) takes the ministry of Public Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastucture (VROMI), with Raeyhon Peterson the most likely candidate for the ministers-post. The party gets three other positions: deputy prime minister, minister plenipotentiary and second vice chair of parliament.

Christophe Emmanuel’s party NOW (Nation Opportunity Wealth) gets the ministries of Education Culture Youth and Sports (ECYS) and Justice. The party also appoints the first vice chair of parliament.


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