Published On: Sun, Jul 8th, 2018

Police reaches out to community for assistance in armed robbery

On the evening of Tuesday July 3rd going into Wednesday July 4th 2018, around midnight an arm robbery took place at the Dominos Pizza on the Bush Road. Two armed men entered the establishment and under threat of their firearm robbed the daily earnings of the restaurant. After robbing the restaurant they left on one or more motorbikes after shooting out the glass of the main entrance. No one was injured during the robbery.  

The images below are pictures of the two culprits involved in the robbery. Anyone who can identify these persons can give a reaction on the police Face book page by sending a personal message, call the police department by dialling 54-22222/214 or call the police anonymous tip-line number 9300 to share your information. The information should be as detailed as possible.  All Information given will remain and be used with total confidentiality.

domino pizza 1