Published On: Wed, Dec 5th, 2018

PSVE student still suffering from severe pains following accident

Acident scene with PSVE student still suffering 201811205

~ Mother taking him to French hospital for further diagnosis ~

PHILIPSBURG — The PSVE student who was hit by a car when he was coming off of a school bus about two weeks ago is now complaining of serious pains about the body. “I am not taking any chances, I am going to take him on the French Side hospital for further medical examination,” said the parent of the child.

Acident scene with driver who hit PSVE student“I have not heard from or seen the driver of the car that hit my son following the accident. The ambulance took my son to the Medical Center and they said that he had no broken bones or major injuries and as a result the doctors discharged him,” she said.

This incident happened early in the morning when the student was coming off the bus in the Dutch Quarter area. The driver of the bus stopped vehicle diagonally across the road with the stop sign on the side of the vehicle deployed and the lights flashing that has been done by the school buses when allowing children to exit the vehicle.

Acident scene with car that hit PSVE studentThe car which was speeding from the French side, ignored the signs on the bus while overtaking the bus, hit the school child, tossing him several feet in the air and he landed about fifty feet from the bus. The ambulance quickly arrived at the scene of the accident and paramedics attended to him and transported him to the St. Maarten Medical Center.

The mother of the child is hoping that he son will get a clean bill of health from the doctors at the Louis Constant Hospital when they visit them this week.

Photo captions: Student Rowin Longville being attended to by ambulance personnel (top photo). Photo of the Hyundai Getz that hit the student (middle photo). The driver (man) of the Getz. Photo provided to StMaartenNews.com.


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