Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2019

USP: Our people comes first in any new govt. discussion

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PHILIPSBURG — The board of the United St. Maarten St. Maarten Party (USP) on Monday re-iterated what it has always said when it comes to forming a government: objectives and initiatives have to be about the people of St. Maarten first. “it’s very simple for us,” the USP said. “Our people come first,” the party added.

The board issued a statement on Monday afternoon after UD Faction Leader and Member of Parliament Franklin Meyers withdrew his support from the UD/SMCP coalition on Monday morning. The USP pointed out that MP Meyers basically echoed statement made by the USP MP’s for the past year or more about the way the country is being governed, or not rather not governed.

“We have pointed out the various short-comings of the government and the continued ineptitude of its Ministers. It got so bad we even supported a motion of no confidence tabled by a UD MP to send UD Minister Emil Lee home because we believed so strongly Lee was so wrong for St. Maarten and its people, “ the USP board said.

The board also reminded that it warned that the constant in-fighting of the UD would one day come to a head because at some point in time, “it has to stop being about you and start being about the people.”

“So to hear MP Meyers talk about selfishness within the government sounded very familiar. Our party will not form a government just for forming sake. It must be in the best interest of the country. Agreements would have to be clear. Focus must be placed on helping people, repairing homes, assisting GEBE, reconstruction of the airport, but again the well-being of the people. This must be the priority,” the USP board said.