Published On: Sun, Aug 23rd, 2020

Vendors incensed over ‘sneaky’ decision to change operating hours

Kim Sha Beach Parking Lot - Photo SXMislandTime.com

~ Readying petition for Government and Parliament ~

SIMPSON BAY — The vendors on the parking lot at Kim Sha Beach, classified as the Kim Sha Market Place, are incensed with government over its latest move to put them out of business. The vendors reacted over the weekend to a Ministerial decision dated August 17, 2020, by Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs Ludmila De Weever that would set the max opening time of business for the vendors to 10pm daily and re-classify the area as a “re-designated marketplace.” This decision was made public by the Minister over this past weekend.

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This decision reverses the previous one made by former Minister Mellissa Arrindell-Doncher that established the area as a market place with operating hours from 8:00am to 11:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8:00am to 1:00am on Friday and Saturday. The vendors contended that this is a “sneaky” way to retract a classification so that they become individual vendors that fall under the vendors ordinance which does not allow vendors to open past 10pm.

Furthermore, they stressed that government has no respect for local businesses and entrepreneurs by releasing this new decision on the weekend without dialogue with vendors. What government did, they pointed out, was use the COVID-19 measure of bars closing at 10:00pm as cover for this decision. “They wanted to pull a fast one on the public so there was no backlash. But once the 10:00pm measure for all bars is lifted, we will be stuck with the new 10:00pm decision, thereby taking food out of our family mouths. This will never happen,” they stressed.

The vendors have begun gathering signatures for a petition and will submit a letter to the Minister, Prime Minister and the petition committee of Parliament. “This is a total disregard for the struggles and well-being of your people. Imagine the gall and coldness of a government in a pandemic making things harder for their people, small business people struggling, there are no words to describe how nasty this is,” the vendors said.

They are of the opinion that Minister De Weever is protecting “other” night life spots in Simpson Bay because they are not as popular as the market place with its local flair and ambiance. “It seems clear to us that there is more behind this decision. There must be. Because out of everything this government have to focus on, changing our operating hours without the decency of a conversation, suddenly becomes a priority? It’s unacceptable and we are not having it,” they said. 

Photo caption: File photo of the soft opening of the Kimsha Beach parking lot.


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