Published On: Sun, Jan 21st, 2024

Appeltjes van Oranje offers big cash prizes

PHILIPSBURG — The Oranje Fund is inviting candidates for its 2024 Appeltjes van Oranje program. Three winners will each receive a cash prize of 25,000 Euros and a bronze statuette crafted by Princess Beatrix during a ceremony at Noordeinde Palace from Queen Maxima. Applications should be submitted no later than February 23.

This year’s theme is Fighting Loneliness Together. Projects should focus on bringing people, participants and volunteers together on an equal footing to actively reduce the impact of loneliness, the Oranje Fund states in a press release.

The release points out that loneliness affects one in ten people – not only the elderly but also youngsters, people from immigrant backgrounds and people of different sexual orientations.

“Loneliness is a feeling of want, a sense of lacking meaningful connections that everyone understands and that can affect anyone,’ the press release states. “It is a sense of social isolation that can make you feel overlooked or insignificant. Successful approaches empower individuals to take action, regain control and live a meaningful life.”

Appeltjes van Oranje is an annual award by the Oranje Fund. The award recognizes and rewards three initiatives that are committed to an inclusive, engaged society. These initiatives are unique, creative and meaningful and have been active for at least two years.

The awards aims to be an inspiration for others. “The Oranje Fund wants to see a society where everyone can participate, and no one needs to stand or feel alone, because every individual counts.”

The cash prize can be used freely “in line with the winning initiative’s objective,” the press release states.