Published On: Sun, Jan 29th, 2023

Cusha Columns unravels the enigma that is St. Maarten

PHILIPSBURG — Cusha Colums, a collection of 18 columns written by StMaartenNews.com Publisher Terrance Rey for DossierKoninkrijksRelaties.nl, is now available in book form at the Van Dorp bookstores and at Adolphus Richardson Office Supplies.

The columns deal with an array of topics that show the author’s love for the island and his ability to flesh out stories that explain the enigma that is St. Maarten. At least, they make a serious attempt at doing so, because at the end, the subject of his writing remains a mystery. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be.

Rey writes with a gentle approach about things that surprise or upset him. The picture that emerges from these columns is of an island where everything is possible and where at the same time golden opportunities are completely ignored.

Cusha Columns offers readers who are interested in eye-opening reporting an elegant menu of stories: about tax-evasion, social benefits fraud, how St. Maarten misses out on millions of European subsidies, low tax compliance and invisible poverty. And these are just a few examples.

Rey writes about the country’s tendency to spend money like there is no tomorrow, the island’s reliance on the Netherlands to come to the rescue and its love-hate relationship with their savior.

The book also contains a few bonus articles, written by Rey and Hilbert Haar for StMaartenNews.com.

An enjoyable read? The answer to that question is up to the readers of this interesting book.

You can obtain a copy of this book simply by buying a Yearly or Insider subscription on StMaartenNews.com or subscribing to Cusha Columns at https://stmaartennews.com/subscriptions.

Photo caption: Terrance Rey donating 5 copies of his book Cusha Columns to SXM Library’s project manager, Mr. Pieter Lucas.

Cusha Columns
Author: Terrance Rey
Pages: 92
Price: $19
Available at: Van Dorp bookstores & Adolphus Richardson Office Supplies

You can get your copy signed by contacting Terrance Rey via 588-0800 or email info@stmaartennews.com.

Interview with Terrance Rey by Steven Cirrillien of PJD2 about the Cusha Columns book.