Published On: Thu, Oct 6th, 2016

No shocking differences after total recount

GREAT BAY – The total recount of the votes of the September 26 elections did not reveal any shocking differences with the preliminary outcome, or it must be that UP-candidate Tamara Leonard caught up with Jules James for the fifth sweat of the party by evening the score at 207 votes. Because Leonard is ranked higher on the list, she gets the seat, but James could still become an MP again if any of the higher ranked UP-candidates, like Franklin Meyers or Dr. Lloyd Richardson become ministers in the new government.

The UP ended with 4,130 votes as the largest party, ahead of the NA (3,778) and the USp (2,784). While the UP and the NA will form the next government with 5 seats each, the USp will go into the opposition with three seats together with the DP that won 1,813 votes and two seats.

The UP-faction will consist of Theo Heyliger (1,429 votes), Franklin Meyers (524), Sidharth Bijlani (244), Claret Connor (238) and Tamara Leonard (207). The NA-faction will consist of Silveria Jacobs (776), William Marlin (753), Christophe Emmanuel (261), Rodolphe Samuel (207) and Ardwell Irion (190).

In the opposition, the USp will field Frans Richardson (502), Chanel Brownbill (424) and Silvio Matser (336). The DP completes the opposition with Emil Lee (667) and Sarah Wescot-Williams (444).