Published On: Tue, Sep 21st, 2021

Prime Minister applauds Qredits for Small Busines Academy initiative

PHILIPSBURG — “Women are taking the lead and not sitting back and waiting for things being done for them,” said Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs during the opening of the sessions for young entrepreneurs at Qredits on Tuesday evening. Jacobs made the remark because out of the 15 candidates who were registered, there only two men which was quite surprising to her.

She wished them much success and encouraged them to continue to dream since they are there for a purpose and as a result they should take all the opportunities afforded to them.

The Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion in his remarks spoke of the phenomenon of women taking their role in the culture of business. He explained that he was one of the persons who were fortunate to experience starting his own business.

He pointed out that being able to follow this direction of the training by Qredits, it gives them the opportunity to borrow to start their business with a loan of about $50,000 and only have to pay back 35 percent. “You will never have this opportunity in this lifetime like this,” the Finance Minister said.

Photo caption: Young entrepreneurs at Qredits for their first training sessions on Tuesday evening. Photo by Andrew Bishop.

He does not understand why more persons are not getting involved in this and noted that if the participants are not prepared to follow the instructions such as making a proper business plan, then they should not be here.

He expressed his gratitude to the Loan Manager Edsel Gumbs who is responsible for guiding the participants through the training.

Top photo caption: Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs and Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion joined the young entrepreneurs and representatives of Qredits Edsel Gumbs, Lucrecia Lynch and Ann Martin-Evans at the training on Tuesday evening. Photo by Andrew Bishop.

Last photo caption: Loan Officer Edsel Richardson of Qredits and Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs discuss topics of interest prior to the opening of the session. Photo by Andrew Bishop.