Published On: Tue, Nov 6th, 2018

What a disgrace

Hilbert Haar

By Hilbert Haar

In a moment of weakness and – I have to admit, bad judgment - I reacted on Facebook to a post about Member of Parliament Frans Richardson where he stated that two members of the anti-corruption task force (TBO) stole jewelry from the house of casino owner Francesco Corallo during his arrest back in December 2016. Richardson further claimed that the stealing policemen had been sent back to the Netherlands without punishment after the jewelry had been taken away from them by fellow officers.’ I wrote in a reaction that you cannot unsteal something – when it’s done it’s done; you are a thief. For a moment I really thought Richardson had a point. Later I added – not to cover my ass but because I too had become a bit suspicious: If the letter is a fake then it becomes a different story. Then the shoe goes on the foot of that other crime-suspect.

The story did not leave me alone so I asked the prosecutor’s office whether the letter Richardson had shown in parliament to back up his statements was genuine. Turns out that the letter is a fake – a bad one to boot.



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