Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2018

MP Smith urges Parliament to be pro-active

MP Wycliffe SmithPHILIPSBURG – MP Wycliffe Smith (SMCP) got almost instant satisfaction from his remark during Thursday’s Central Committee meeting about the 2018 budget that Parliament should be more involved in the country’s financial management. Finance Minister Mike Ferrier declared Smith’s suggestions applicable with immediate effect.

Smith noted that the Parliament should be more involved in overseeing the country’s financial management. “It cannot be that only when the budget has to be approved, Parliament has to drop everything to meet the date that the government or the Kingdom government sets. Parliament needs to become more pro-active.”

Smith pointed out, based on a report from the General Audit Chamber, that there is an annual financial management schedule that includes certain deadlines. “Parliament should follow that schedule and hold the government accountable to meet those deadlines.”

Smith noted that Parliament has a finance committee and a committee country’s expenditures. “They should play a greater role in the financial management process,” Smith said.

Smith’s request to Minister Ferrier that Parliament should receive the monthly financial reports the government is supposed to submit to financial supervisor Cft did not fall on deaf ears. “I welcome that suggestion and I will send those reports to Parliament,” Ferrier answered later. “it will go into effect immediately.”