Published On: Tue, Nov 5th, 2019

Mullet Bay Inquiry passed unanimously in Parliament

MP Rolando Brison submits proposal
GREAT BAY — MP Rolando Brison made Parliamentary history again on Tuesday when his proposal to conduct a Parliamentary into Mullet Bay was approved by Parliament by a unanimous vote. All members of Parliament present voted FOR!

It was the first time the Parliament for St. Maarten voted to initiate a Parliamentary inquiry into any subject. As he has been stressing for a few months already, MP Brison re-iterated that the people of St. Maarten has waited nearly a quarter of a century to see any kind of action on Mullet Bay. The time to act is NOW. “24 Years is long enough. We need answers and we need them NOW. Then we can see how we will proceed on Mullet Bay,” MP Brison said.

MP Christopher Emmanuel said in voting for the inquiry: history will show that a few members of Parliament would have done something good for St. Maarten today.

The only MP not casting a vote for or against is MP Frans Richardson of the USP faction who was in Parliament but was not present for the vote.

News from Parliament:

Today, Tuesday, November 5, 2019 in its Public meeting no 05; agenda point 3, Parliament rejected the amendment presented by MP Sarah Wescot-Williams to amend the scope of the parliamentary inquiry with 8 votes against and 4 votes for.
Thereafter the Parliament approved the proposal by MP R. Brison c.s to conduct a Parliamentary inquiry into Mullet Bay with 12 votes for and 0 vote against.

Voting List Amendment Mullet Bay Inquiry Proposal - 20191105 Voting List Mullet Bay Inquiry Proposal - 20191105

Meanwhile….. sewage water is running into the street on the Emmaplein.

Photo submitted to us by one of our readers.

Will we need a parliamentary inquiry into this issue as well before government finally wakes up and smells the sewage waters running in our streets?

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