Published On: Mon, Mar 18th, 2019

Daring mid-morning robbery in Dutch Quarter

Super 2-3 Market
DUTCH QUARTER — The Police are investigating a daring mid-morning robbery at the Super 2-3 Market which was formally Afoo Supermarket in Dutch Quarter at about 11am on Monday morning.

According to the owner, three young men came in the supermarket masked with gloves and pointed a pistol at him and ordered him to hand over all the cash in the register.
He complied with their order and stepped away from the register allowing them to take what they wanted. “They even took the coins from the register and went their way,” he said. “I was shocked,” he said. From their voices they seem to be between the ages of 19 -23.
Although there were customers in store they apparently were not aware of what was happening except for the three persons who were at the cash register at the time who were ordered by the bandits to lie on the floor. They did not leave before taking the cashier’s cellular telephone.
The owner stated that the robbery did not take more than 2 minutes and after they finished they jumped the fence and made their escape.
He explained that the police was there in less than ten minutes after the robbery and did their investigation. He pointed out that what was surprising, is that there were a large group of people in the area due to the work that was being done on the Dutch Quarter road. They were very brazen to rob the supermarket at that time of the day with so many people in the area.
Several years ago, there was a similar incident at the same supermarket where the bandits shot and killed the owner although he had given them what they had wanted.