Published On: Wed, Aug 1st, 2018

Fire at junk yard in Dutch Quarter

DUTCH QUARTER — On Wednesday August 1st at approximately 12.15 p.m. police patrols and Fire Department were sent to Madrid Lane in Dutch Quarter where it was reported that a garage was on fire and that the possibility for the fire spreading was quite high. On the scene the investigating officers realized that several car wrecks that are located on the property of an abandoned garage were on fire. The fire department immediately went to work on putting out the blaze.

According to the OVD-B (fire department) on the scene, at least three fires have been reported at this same location in the past to which the fire department had responded. The situation however at present is becoming increasingly dangerous as the fires keep getting closer to homes and other buildings in the immediate surrounding. There is open access to the property, therefore it has become a dumpsite for old car wrecks and that could become a health hazard in the near future.

There were no injuries reported during this incident. The cause of the fire has not been established.

fire Madrid lane 01082018-3

Photo captions: Burnt out car wrecks and drone photos of the fire location. Photo provided by KPSM.