Published On: Tue, Jan 23rd, 2018

Major fire breaks in Cole Bay warehouse complex

Warehouse on Fire in Cole Bay - Photo by Joris Vanden Eynde

Philipsburg — On Tuesday morning, January 23rd, at approximately 10.25 a.m., the first of several calls came in to the Emergency Dispatch about a fire which had broken out in the warehouse complex at Jobco Plaza and Kam’s Distributors. Both businesses are located next to each other. Immediately several police patrols and Fire Department were directed to the scene to investigate the situation. On the scene the emergency services noticed that a fire had broken out at Jobco Plaza and spread into Kam’s Distributors. The investigating officers learnt that the fire started while welding-repairs were being done, by a contractor, on the roof of Jobco Plaza. As a result of this fire the entire interior of Kam’s Distributors was engulfed in flames. The fire caused a very large black cloud could be seen from far away. Police than closed off streets in the area, diverted traffic and kept the public at a safe distance for the fire department to put the fire out. Within short the fire department had fire under control and there were no more chances for the fire to spread. No one was injured during the fire. At approximately 03.00 p.m. the roads in the area were again open to traffic.

Fire in Cole Bay - Provided by Claude Chacho Peterson

Photo caption: A very large black cloud could be seen billowing up into the sky from the commercial district in Cole Bay. Photo provided to StMaartenNews.com by Claude “Chacho” Peterson.

Top photo caption: A warehouse building on fire. Photo by Joris Vanden Eynde.