Published On: Sat, Jul 29th, 2023

MP Brison launches attack on MP Wescot-Williams


PHILIPSBURG — United People’s party-leader Rolando Brison launched a vicious attack veteran MP Sarah Wescot-Williams by holding her responsible for the Bearing Point-controversy and by labeling her track record as “forty years of political failure.”

Brison furthermore stated in a press release that the support for the Democratic Party is dwindling and that “recent polls” estimate that party will win just one seat in the upcoming elections.

Brison did not stop there: “Whether it was the INSO fiasco, Mullet Bay and the situation with ENNIA or the Shipyard NV debts, we constantly see the fingerprints of DP cohorts around some of the biggest financial losses the country has ever faced.”

The Court in First Instance recently ruled that the country did an injustice to Bearing Point for cancelling a contract for the creation of an Integrated Tax Management System. It ordered the country to pay Bearing Point 1 million guilders as an advance on an expected claim of 12 million. This advance payment has been made in the meantime.

MP Brison stated that “Wescot’s United Democrats” (which was actually a merger of the Democratic Party and Brison’s United People’s party) “appointed Finance Minister Perry Geerlings and his cabinet members, which led to the questionable involvement of Bearing Point in the tax affairs of St. Maarten.” At the same time, MP Brison stated that the people demand “transparency, accountability and a commitment to prioritize their interests above all else.”

Brison furthermore claimed that “the current stable government has been diligently working to uncover the extent of the mess left behind by past failing administrations (….), like the stagnation of Mullet Bay, constitutional deficiencies, a poor education system and an inability to maintain a stable government.”

That at least some of the past governments fell at the hands of ship jumpers from the UP and the National Alliance is not a part of Brison’s attack on Wescot-Williams.

MP Wescot-Williams has urged the government to cancel the current tender procedure. “That’s like an arsonist calling the fire department after setting the fire,” Brison observes in his press statement.