Published On: Wed, Aug 29th, 2018

Silent march leaders hand over petition letter to Dutch Rep in Philipsburg

Dutch Rep Chris Johnson receiving petition from Elton Jones - 20180829 LB

PHILIPSBURG — A small group of persons of the silent protest was let upstairs to the offices of the Dutch Representation of The Netherlands in Philipsburg (VNP) on the morning of Wednesday, August 29th, 2018. Elton Jones handed over a petition letter to Dutch Representative Chris Johnson, Head of the VNP in St. Maarten, on behalf of the group, with Rhoda Arrindell looking on.

On welcoming and receiving the group, Johnson made two statements: “We are part of a Kingdom where an independent judiciary and public prosecutor’s office are an essential part of our democratic system. And, we very much respect the right to demonstrate and we gladly receive you in that capacity.”

Protesters March on Front Street - 20180829 LB Let our Leaders Lead Protest March on Front Street - 20180829 LB Protest March Outside Dutch Rep Office on Front Street - 20180829 LB


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