Published On: Sat, Sep 23rd, 2017

Theo Heyliger: “Not in any talks to form a government”

Sarah Wescot-Williams 20170330 - HHGREAT BAY — On Friday, September 22, the President of Parliament, Sarah Wescot-Williams, issued a press statement pushing for an urgent meeting of Parliament on Monday, September 25. Rumors have been circulating since the passing of Hurricane Irma and the aftermath thereof, that a fall of the present National Alliance led government was eminent. With the push for an urgent meeting Monday by the President of Parliament, the rumor machines on social media geared up several notches.

theo-heyliger-facebook-photoThis newspaper asked UP party leader and Member of Parliament, Theo Heyliger, whether the government was going to fall on Monday and this was his answer: “I have not been in any talks to form a government.

The urgent meeting of Parliament will be held on Monday at 10am in temporary accommodations secured in the new government administration building on Pond Island as the present Parliament building is not functional due to sections of the upper floors being damaged by hurricane Irma.

The agenda for the meeting has been set as follows:
1. State of preparedness hurricane season.
2. Disaster management hurricane Irma.
3. Reconstruction following the devastation by hurricane Irma.”
According to the press release, the Prime Minister, William Marlin, has been invited to this meeting of Parliament and that given the state of emergency, declared by the Prime Minister, he has been requested to permit the public broadcast of this  parliament meeting via radio.
“Right now, our objective should be looking beyond the immediate needs to the rebuilding of our country and our economy and securing the livelihood of our people. The time to assess our preparedness and management of the recent disaster will come.” the President of Parliament was quoted as saying in the press statement.