Published On: Tue, Nov 6th, 2018

USP Board asks Justice Minister if he will investigate TBO theft

Frans Richardson and Cecil Nicholas 1

PHILIPSBURG — The board of the United St. Maarten (US) party is echoing the call by its leader MP Frans Richardson by publicly asking the Minister of Justice if he will investigate the theft of jewelry from the home of Francesco Corallo by two TBO officers.

“Or will the Minister simply accept the convenient story by the Public Prosecutor who was quick to sweep it under the rug. Is the Prosecutor’s declaration gospel? Judging from past incidents we know this is not the case.”

The board of the USP on Tuesday said the Public Prosecutor was quick to dismiss the report that the TBO officers were hurried off the island after being caught with the jewelry. “However, the Prosecutor Office can conveniently say what it wants and, obviously, did not address the fact that the officers were sent back to Holland and why,” the USP board said.

Important questions are:

  • Who are the officers that were sent back to Holland after the raid on Corallo’s home?
  • Were these officers part of the raid?
  • Why were they sent back? And When?
  • Who filed the report against them?
  • Is there a Landsrecherche report on this issue?
  • What are the findings of this report?
  • Is there a letter explaining the officers actions in this report?
  • Who wrote it and who received it?
  • Is the Prosecutor saying that no theft at all took place?
  • Is the Prosecutor saying that nothing was removed from Mr. Corallo’s home?

The USP board said it is not concerned with what the Prosecutor spins, but rather what the Minister of Justice Cornelius De Weever will do about it. “Leader of the USP asked the Minister if he will investigate and we are now echoing that request. There is apparently an entire report on the incident. Will the Minister investigate and let the public know or will he simply say ok to the Prosecutor?” The USP board asked.

“The Prosecutor did not address anything fully but dismissed the issue. But when there are simply rumors about prominent St. Maarteners, the Prosecutor finds enough frivolous grounds to go after our people. Will the Minister investigate, yes or no.”


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