Published On: Wed, Oct 20th, 2021

USP to restructure party operations

PHILIPSBURG — With an eye on the future and living up to its founding principles, the United St. Maarten (US) party is in the process of restructuring its board, party platform and representation in preparations for the upcoming electoral cycle, according to a press statement issued by the party.

The board of the USp said that it is vital for any political organization to re-examine and plan for the future, especially in changing times. “Political parties are the major players in the democratic transitions. However, some have been unable to change their practices and/or adapt to ever changing realities, and have sometimes disappeared. As a party of the people, in which the people of St. Maarten have shown confidence multiple times, it behooves us to restructure where necessary,” the board said.

It added that changing times and international realities, along with the direct challenges presented in the aftermath of hurricane Irma and the ongoing pandemic, has not gone unnoticed by the USp. As such, the party said focused leadership, dedication to proper governance and an emphasis on ensuring that the people of St. Maarten have a clear understanding of the challenges that the country is facing is of the utmost importance.

The party board said the clear lack of consultation with the people of St. Maarten on vital issues does not equate to proper governance. Throughout the Caribbean, the USp said, examples can be found of governments consulting their people prior to major decisions, decisions that will affect the lives of your very population.

“References to agreements signed by government on behalf of the people of St. Maarten in the form of country packages, COHO, liquidity support and the consequences of such have yet to be clearly explained. No democracy the world over has ever been run successfully without the full involvement of its people,” the USp said.

The board of the party stressed that transparency is one of the core pillars of any democracy and the current governing coalition seems determined on using confidentiality as an excuse for its lack of transparency and misleading and mixed messaging as the order of the day.

“The country has no clear direction and the leadership void has been exasperated and highlighted by performances of ministers and the members of parliament in this NA/UPP coalition on the floor of Parliament. There has yet to be a decision made by either body that is not clouded in controversy.

How can the people of this country foster a sense of tranquility and hope that better days are coming without a clear understanding of what decisions are being made, and how those decisions are going effect their lives and livelihoods in the near future,” the board said.

It continued: “If the only clear decisions made thus far in the form of salary benefits and cuts, which as stated by government had no direct positive impact on its coffers, is any example of what’s to come, it would explain the smoke and mirrors governing style of this National Alliance led coalition.”

The party said it is fairly simple and obvious what the people want and need. They want competent leadership and representation to tackle issues that improves their standard of living. “Not pet projects that does not put food on their table.”

It is with those sentiments in mind that the board of the United St. Maarten party will begin its journey towards restructuring, while maintaining its core belief of educating and elevating the people of this nation to operate at their highest potential by providing food for thought.