Published On: Fri, Nov 3rd, 2017

USP will not erect billboards for upcoming campaign

frans-richardsonPHILIPSBURG — Leader of the United St. Maarten (US) party MP Frans Richardson on Friday said that his party will not utilize the customary roadside billboards in the run-up to the January Parliamentary elections.

Richardson said that he believes the work put in by the USP in 9 months in office and the clear message that the party will have for the people of St. Maarten will speak volumes as his candidates makes contact with people.

“People in St. Maarten are hurting and going through tough times. Building material is already scarce and should be left for people who are trying to rebuild their lives,” Richardson said.

He said the cleanup around the island continues and the last thing the country needs is billboards and wood littering the districts.

“The Democratic Party and United People party are already putting our people through a process they did not expect this early after going to the polls in 2016. They do not need the added burden of us taking up needed supplies to erect propaganda.”

Richardson said his party and the two ministries it was responsible for did extremely good and important work over the last few months

“Including after hurricane Irma. We will do the same as we have always done. Be straight with the people and present a resilient list of  candidates that mirror our resilient people,” Richardson said.