Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2024

Vote for Terrance Rey: Candidate #21 on the National Alliance list

Newcomer on the National Alliance list is candidate number 21, Terrance Rey, publisher of StMaartenNews.com. Rey ran in the 2020 elections as candidate number 12 on the Christian Party, SMCP list. From 2010 until May 2012, Rey served as Policy Advisor in the Parliament of St. Maarten and from June 2012 he has served as the Deputy Secretary of the Progress Committee St. Maarten overseeing the plans of approach for, among others, the Ministry of Justice.

This year, 2024, Rey is celebrating 30 years in the travel business and over 20 years in the aviation industry as a travel agent, destination marketeer, jet broker and as an aviation executive as CEO of AirStMaarten.

Click here to read more about Terrance Rey on StMaartenNews.com


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