Published On: Sat, Feb 25th, 2023

Breathless asks attention for sleep apnea

PHILIPSBURG — In December 2022, journalist Hilbert Haar was diagnosed with vascular dementia, or cognitive impairment. Main cause: years of sleep apnea, a disorder general practitioners seldom consider, mainly because patients report vague complaints that are oftentimes associated with a burnout.

Patients who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing more than once during their sleep, for several seconds. This results in a shortage of oxygen supply to the brain – with all its consequences.

Vascular dementia is a process that can be halted, according to some medical professionals. It is also reversible provided it is diagnosed at an early stage. Sleep apnea can be corrected with the use of breathing equipment. This treatment usually results in behavioral and cognitive improvements. Using blood thinners also contributes to manage the process.

In Breathless, the author describes what happened at the time of his scary diagnosis and what his experiences are with the use of blood thinners and breathing equipment.

The objective of this diary is to draw attention to the sleep apnea phenomenon. The sooner patients begin with a treatment, the better their perspectives are.


Breathless – Diary of a Patient with Sleep Apnea
Published as ebook by smashwords.com and amazon.com
ISBN: 979 821 550 6066
Size: 8,330 words
Price: $9.99

There is also a version available in the Dutch language.
Title: Ademloos – Dagboek van een patiënt met slaap apnea.