Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2019

Labor Union against pensioners paying taxes

wifol president~ advises on alternatives ~

PHILIPSBURG—“In my opinion pensioners should not be paying wage taxes or income taxes,” said President of WIFOL Theophilus Thompson. According to him they have already contributed to social economic development and what they are receiving is solidarity social returns because of the contributions that they have made, he said.

“What they have done is an investment in the earlier years and as a result they are getting back some returns,” said Thompson. He feels that the seniors should not be at that stage paying any levies on the benefit that they are receiving.

However, if they have any other means of income and based on “a living wage” since the funds that they receive as pension is way below a living wage. He mentioned that because of these facts the pensioner must find ways to supplement their income.

He explained that in some countries persons do not pay taxes because of the amount of funds that they receive is way below the living wage. He pointed out that in a capitalist system one is forced to pay but in other systems persons receive free education and health care.

He noted that there are creative ways of getting alternative income which he feels that government should tap into. He used as an example the other islands in the Caribbean such as St. Kitts, Antigua, Barbados and Anguilla where the tourists have to pay a fee to obtain a drivers license to drive on the island even if it is for one day.

“Are you aware how much funds government can generate if they issue a temporary drivers license to a visitor, he questions. The amount could run into millions,” he said.

He indicated that when he had proposed that at a meeting with tourism officials, the first thing that was asked was what would happen on the French side. He said that there could be an understanding between both governments on the island along with the car rentals and other tour operators, so that the funds are collected and paid into government coffers, he concluded.


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