Published On: Tue, Dec 10th, 2019

MP Samuel looks at enhancing sports and sporting facilities

Rodolpe Samuel

PHILIPSBURG — There is a new initiative to seek funding for developing sports and sports facilities on the island. This initiative which was announced by Member of Parliament Rudolph Samuel is expected to raise huge sums to finance all sports facilities and sports enthusiasts by vehicle drivers donating one cent per liter of fuel at the pumps.

“There are numerous sports facilities that are in disrepair and there is also need for assistance for the persons who are involved in sports to excel in the discipline. This has encouraged me to come up with this initiative, to find creative ways to assist,” Samuel said.

In an explanation he stated that if a vehicle driver pulls up at the pump at any service station for five liters of diesel of gasoline the drivers are to donate five guilders cents which will not go into the government coffers. These funds will be managed by a committee which will ensure that the owners of the pump stations will not be affected.

“Although it will seem to some persons as a paltry sum, over a period of time when it is added up, it could become a significant amount.” He noted that after all the sporting facilities are completed, the funds will be earmarked for those interested in the sports discipline in need of financing.


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