Published On: Tue, Jun 16th, 2020

Supervisory Board of Directors Telem Group request Shareholders Meeting with the Council of Ministers

TelEm Head Office Pond Island

POND ISLAND — The Supervisory Board of Directors of the Telem Group of Companies has recently requested a shareholders meeting with the Council of Ministers; specifically, with the Shareholder Representative and Prime Minister, Ms. Silveria Jacobs. The purpose is to discuss pending matters from the previous sitting government, with specific attention to the current situations brewing at the Telem Group of Companies.

The Supervisory Board in its communication to the government provided a proposed agenda which includes among other topics, the appointment of a fifth board member, a spot that had to be filled since the removal of Mr. Arnell Brown, which came into effect some months ago. The financial position of the company and general state of affairs of its operations are also included on the proposed agenda.

Jimmy ChallengerMember of the Supervisory Board of Directors and its Audit Committee Chairperson, Mr. Jimmy Challenger: “The Supervisory Board of Directors remains vigilant in its role and continues to advise the Management of the company on the importance of implementing best practices in the interest of the company – ensuring that ongoing projects, such as Fiber to the Home (FTTH), are executed in a timely and effective manner – guaranteeing a future for the company and the many internal and external stakeholders. This includes the employees of Telem and the (business) community at large, who heavily rely on Telem’s services to conduct business. Telem’s proper functioning is a matter of National Importance in all aspects of the word.”

Mr. Challenger continued: “Now more than ever, reliable telecommunication services in a post COVID19 era will remain paramount. The Management Team of Telem Group, some of whom have been at the helm of the company for quite some years must make every effort to deliver quality services and understand that it is no longer business as usual – increased competition and costs of doing business will remain on the rise, against reduced income from operations, as the Telecommunications sector profits continue to decline partly due to technological advances with free applications (e.g. WhatsApp) being available.”

“The SBOD needs to now assure the Shareholder Representative and employees of the company that things are being done in a transparent manner when it pertains to the role of the Management Team of the company, and during these trying times, not entertain the notion of sending employees home prematurely. Management has to now understand that things should be done differently and better in the interest of the company’s (paying) customers and the entire community which it serves directly or indirectly.”