Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2018

Country embarrassment

The country is constantly being faced with dilemma after dilemma. It goes deeper than a few chats or accusations that transpired over the past months. What has boggled me is the mindset of so many educated persons who show nothing more than clear ignorance on matters that should be dealt with seriously. Yes, the “Cabinets’ Revelations” are embarrassing to the country. Is it more embarrassing than the state we have been in for years, decades and soon to become a century? Our biggest embarrassment started ever since the persons who took the oath to take care of Sweet Sint Maarten began to do wrong. How can you feel ashamed of the mess we silently helped created? The stealing of government monies by top government officials who are stealing and selling government land. Not upholding the immigration rules and regulations which have resulted in humanitarian and open border issues. A great example is the influx of illegal immigrants, most recently the Venezuelans. Is this what is seen as Integrity or upholding the Codes of Conduct while being upheld by those who kept their secrets. The same individuals who swore to take care of Sweet Sint Maarten are now ashamed of the sourness that results from the bad seeds that were planted.
We as a people have become bitter and blind to the things that are right while supporting and justifying that which is wrong. We are quick to ridicule those who stand up against injustice and shoot down the oppressed, the very same whose rescue we are expected to come to. Our country is one big embarrassment.

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Knops Embarrassed about Sint Maarten

Meme: Knops embarrassed by Sint Maarten.