Published On: Sun, Sep 27th, 2020

How to overcome challenges victoriously

If I keep bringing you sad news, does your mind have the time to be happy?

If I am always speaking negative around you, is your mind ever able to process the positive?

If I keep spreading bad information, will your mind be ever able to contain the good?

If you keep following all that is going wrong during this COVID 19 Pandemic, will you ever be able to see in the consequences all that may be going right?

If we only spread news that will be destructive to our people, their minds will be so distracted that they cannot recognize or think on that which may be constructive.

If you only concentrate in consuming what is good for your health and make you better, you will easily be able to avoid eating and consuming the bad.

What am I really trying to say?

It is all about, and it comes down to what you keep feeding your mind that will get you to overcome victoriously whatever challenges you are facing, or that you may be going through.

My focus has most of the time not been to jump on the bandwagons with those who daily enjoy feeding their minds and spirits with everything that will eventually contaminate their lives to such a destructive manner that they are not able to see the sun shining in their lives anymore.

When in fact the sun keeps shining everyday.

But most importantly, it is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is our only guarantee to keep and maintain us on this Path of life.

Achken Roberto Richardson