Published On: Sun, Feb 26th, 2023


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~ KLM flight KL730 officially cancelled; aircraft at parking ramp to undergo inspection ~

PHILIPSBURG — KLM Airbus A322 with tailnumber PH-OAF executing KL flight 730 to Amsterdam is stuck on the runway at SXM Airport with little chance of taking off again tonight, as per the indications of the aircraft captain to airport air traffic control (ATC).

This afternoon at exactly 3:26pm, KLM flight 729 touched down on the SXM Airport runway. While taxing to the end of the runway and making the turn to taxi back to the ramp, the aircraft came to a sudden stop with a lurch. The captain radioed the tower that the aircraft is experiencing an issue with the nosegear.

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Readers can watch the KLM 729 flight from the time it was on its final approach to landing at Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) at 3:26pm via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV2n-kKLDnk&t=9101s

This afternoon it took 45 minutes for the aircraft tug to tow the aircraft to the parking ramp. However, at present, the captain has reported to the tower that the aircraft will not be able to be towed and therefore all passengers will have to disembark first. The same for the cargo. All cargo will have to be offloaded first as well.

Busses are being directed to the aircraft to transport the passengers to the terminal building. The process is expected to take an hour. However, with only two busses available, it will be a long process and may take up to two hours.

The incident has now also affected Winair’s operations and aircrafts in St. Kitts, St. Eustatius and Antigua are affected and may have to overnight in these destinations before being able to return in the morning.

Screenshots posted on our Facebook page were taken live via the MahoBeachCam. Watch airport traffic action live daily via https://www.mahobeachcam.com/.

Watch the live pic posting on https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=670994691700988&set=a.512402907560168


The KLM aircraft with tailnumber PH-AOF is being towed back to the apron. However, due to fear of the tow truck overheating, they will start up the engines first to help the tug and prevent overheating. After restarting the engines, the KLM aircraft was able to taxi back to the parking apron on its own.

Photo caption: As of 9:00pm KLM aircraft PH-OAF back at its parking position on the ramp. That’s it for the night’s adventure. Screenshot taken from MahoBeachCam.


Official Update from SXM Airport Management:
UPDATE: Airline Handler, Halley Aviation has officially declared the flight as cancelled and are busy with providing hotel accommodations for the passengers. Winair’s flight to Tortola has also been cancelled tonight. All three Winair TwinOtters have returned safely back home tonight.