Published On: Sat, Sep 11th, 2021

Qredits clean up 911 project

DUTCH QUARTER — Representatives of the Qredits organization and several volunteers braved the 90-plus degree weather in an effort to help clean up the Dutch Quarter district. The Qredits organization focused on the emergency homes in the district which is known as the 911 homes.

Public Relations Officer and Q Care Manager Tishauna Richardson said the main reason for the initiative was to ensure that the organization was visible to the general public and to give back to the community. During the clean-up effort, several persons who live in the area came out to help by bringing out their garbage and placing them in bags.

This was the first attempt of a civic project by the organization and it was encouraging especially with the response from the community. Richardson mentioned that they have a number of clients in the Dutch Quarter district who has been asking for help to clean up Dutch Quarter.

Richardson stated that the cleaning up is not expected to be “a one-time event” since the organization is planning to continue for as long as it takes. “This is the first project for the Q Care organization but the next time they are planning to give donations to the entities such as the Day Care and Play schools which will assist in the functioning of these entities,” said Richardson.

There are plans in the future for car washes, bar-b-ques and raffles to assist the communities in wherever possible, since this is an initiative to assist those that are in need. Although Qredits is a micro-financing company, the objective is to become more involved in the communities since this is home, Richardson said.

The organization is also looking into the deplorable condition of the roads in the district and are planning to seek the government to assistance in getting these fixed.

Caption: Photos show representatives of Qredits (in orange) and volunteers (in white) during the cleaning up of Dutch Quarter area at the 911 project on Saturday morning. Photos by Andrew Bishop.

UPDATE: More photos provided by Qredits volunteers.

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