Published On: Sun, Mar 22nd, 2020

Recycling bins placed in St. Peters

Recycling bins 1

ST. PETERS — Wastefactory Sint Maarten, in collaboration with the annual SXM DOET project, installed two recycling bins in the community of St. Peters.

The St. Peters Emergency Organization Group (SPEOG),via a press release, would like to extend words of thanks to Wastefactory Sint Maarten and Tes Verheij for the stationing of two recycling bins for HDPE and PET single use plastic bottles that are cleaned and rinsed.

The bins are located at the Rupert Maynard Community Center just outside the basketball court. Both recycling bins for this project were donated by IGY Marinas (St. Maarten), the press release stated.

The project has been in the making for quite some time and aims at getting the community involved in the separation of their household waste, thereby reducing overflowing garbage bins and the amount of recyclable items being taken to the dump sites on Pond Island.

Based on the progress of this initiative, adjustments and upgrades will be made accordingly. “It is a new beginning, a work in progress and will require monitoring, to eventually insure proper collection of the various waste streams, which should no longer be taken to the dump.” the press release further elaborated.

Recycling bins 4


Wastefactory Sint Maarten will also provide the regular collection of all single use plastics deposited in the bins which will be recycled into new products right here on St. Maarten. “It is a win-win partnership.” according to the press statement.

Instructions as to what types of plastics, allowed in bins, is clearly posted above each bin. It is the intention of the SPEOG to expand on collection of recyclables within the community and will be calling on all stakeholders to partner with the organization to, successfully, materialize this project.

“We call on all residents in the Community of St. Peters to join forces and set an example that Recycling is possible within each Community on the Island.” the SPEOG stated in it’s press release. “It is in the best interest of all to create a greener, garbage free, SXM.”

“Other communities, interested in starting their HDPE & PET Single Use Plastic Recycling Projects, can contact the Wastefactory Sint Maarten or any member of the SPEOG.” according to the press release, which ended with the slogan: “TOGETHER WE CAN.”

Recycling bins 3

PET & HDPE plastic bottles

Caption: Photos and images provided by SPEOG. The plastic bottles are sorted according to the PET and HDPE categories as shown in the above image explaining how bottles should be placed in the recycling bins.