Published On: Sun, May 26th, 2024

Who’s to blame?

St. Maarten is in bewilderment at the latest development today. A letter to the Governor went viral on social media wherein MP Kevin Maingrette states that he retracts his support for the Great 8 and renews his support for the Dr. Luc Mercelina government as an Independent MP.

This is a political primeur for me. I have never ever seen this happen before in all the years I have been observing and writing about politics in St. Maarten. This situation has exposed the fundamental flaw in our electoral process. This is what we get when we select willy-nilly candidates based on popularity or their ability to garner votes from a segment of the population. And not based on their qualifications or expertise. Clearly this young man is confused and knows not what he wants. He is caught up in the middle of a political system he neither knows the fundamentals of nor comprehends the political repercussions of his actions. Politically his career is dead.

But who do we blame for this?
Let’s entertain the ‘blame game’.
You have to blame this whole sordid political mess on:

1. The NOW party for taking any and all stray candidates off the streets to fill their party’s list. Kevin Maingrette was shopped around to the parties with the claim that he can bring them the Haitians votes. It started there!

2. The 2×4 for forming a coalition with the NOW party knowing that Kevin Maingrette was the weakest link. They masterfully sidelined his advisor, but Kevin still remained a big question mark and an unpredictable factor in the equation.

3. Dr. Luc Mercelina for not providing adequate leadership and guidance. With such a diverse group of opportunistic politicians – because all politicians are opportunistic – you rule such an coalition with an iron fist. And he certainly should not have abandoned the coalition in Parliament with 6 seats with the naive hope that the opposition would help them make quorum. Not in St. Maarten! Mercelina failed there as a leader and as Prime Minister.

4. Kevin Maingrette himself as the most clueless amateur politician ever. #kevinregrette

What can you expect from an unexperienced person pushed into politics? Please people let’s be real. These are the people you elected. St. Maarten politics is at its lowest level at this point in history never seen before. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Terrance Rey
Publisher & Editor


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