Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2023

IAM practical proposal to inventorize monuments on St. Maarten

~ “We have been searching for complicated solutions, when there are simple and realistic solutions to be found.” ~

Dear Editor,

Reading, listening, analyzing, researching, evaluating, and continuously proposing ways to settle this matter regarding all monuments on Dutch Sint Maarten, known or unknown, recognized or not, registered or unregistered, are definitely not the Approach that will bring about a Permanent Solution that would involve the cooperation of all segments of our Country, as well as All Parties involved.

Be it property owners, government, monuments protection & preservation organizations, or even new purchasers of properties and developers, the simple solution can be found in all of the above knowing that their interests are protected and served, no matter what direction it takes.

The ultimate goal MUST ALWAYS be the Protection and Preservation of any and all of these Sites, already recognized as Monuments or not.

But the million dollar question is how can this be done, and I will attempt to present a very Practical Proposal that will make sense, and can immediately be established by Parliament, simply approving in broad lines how this Amended Monument Ordinance 2023 can be immediately approved unanimously on its Floor, and to be carried out by any and all Governing Council of Ministers, now and in the future.

1. Immediately have VROMI and Kadaster inventorize the Overall Area and Site Plan of Dutch Sint Maarten, using all means, be it site plans, google earth maps, VROMI already approved plans that can be verified by overall on site inspections, in order to know the Areal On Site Realities any and everywhere.

2. Involve Pioneer Family Owners to immediately give additional factual Information of the Past.

3. Divide this 90 Days Mission into 4 Teams (Team 1 Philipsburg, Point Blanche, and Sucker Garden Area, Team 2 Middle Region and Dutch Quarter Area, Team 3 Cul de Sac and Cay Hill Area, and Team 4 Cole Bay/ Cap Bay and Simpson Bay Area).

4. During this 90 Days Mission, it will not be permitted by Law to break ground on any Development Project, having a Building Permit or not, without this Building Site being thoroughly evaluated and inspected for any sort of historical ruins.

Note: If such a historical site or ruin may be discovered or found, it will in no way jeopardize the Development Project.

5. There will be Site Project Layout amendments and changes made within an acceptable approved radius of this ruin to be protected as a monument, but being Approved by a Team of the Land Owner, the Developer, the Ministry of VROMI, the Ministry of Culture, as well as any Monument Heritage Protection Institution or Foundation recognized and approved by Law to function in this capacity.

6. The Development Project MUST NOT in any way be jeopardized or delayed by this Process, while this monument will form part of what is being developed.

7. The aspect of this monument being established as private or public would all depend on the Type of Project that is being developed.

When summarizing all of the above, you would have realized by now that this would have become a win win for All Parties involved.

IAM hoping that this Approach can be considered, as it is an Approach that can be Immediately Implemented as an Immediate Solution.

It will ONLY take one follow up Meeting of Parliament to Present, Debate, and Approve the Approach of this Subject matter, adding any other additional Points of Approach for Final Approval.

IAM also voluntary informing all involved, that IAM available for any further explanations, although IAM convinced that my Proposal has been simply outlined, and is very clear as well in terms as a Departure Point to a Possible Permanent Solution-

Achken Roberto Richardson-SXM-IAM.


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