Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Water production facility ready for action today

GREAT BAY – Military personnel and Gebe-employees worked on the installation of a reverse osmosis water production installation in front of the Festival Village yesterday. The installation will produce fresh drinking water and is expected to be operational today, Wednesday September 27.

The installation takes water from a nearby fire hydrant. It is pumped into a tank sends the water through the purifying machinery into a second tank. From there it will be pumped on a regular basis into mobile tanks that will be sent to four Or five strategic locations across the island.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations has asked Dutch Water Partners to assist with the reconstruction of St. Maarten. The installation of the reverse osmosis installations is part of that plan.

Together with Bucon Industries and Hatenboer Water – a privately owned company that is in the water business since 1906 – Dutch Water Partners is delivering this solution to St. Maarten.

The companies are setting up a second reverse osmosis facility in Belvedere.

Reverse osmosis installation Festival Village 20190926 HH

Photo caption: Military personnel works on the installation of a reverse osmosis installation for the production of fresh drinking water near the Festival Village, together with Gebe-staff. Photo Today / Hilbert Haar