Published On: Fri, Mar 1st, 2019

Homes in ‘red zone’ areas on French St. Martin will not be rebuilt

Project housing complex French Quarter - 20180908 AB

MARIGOT—The Collectivite has re-evaluated some of the properties in the project in French Quarter that were deemed unfit for living following the hurricanes of 2017. Some of them are now being repaired and remodeled to be used in the future. The vice President responsible for Urban Development Steven Patrick stated that because of the “strain they were experiencing with public housing” they had to find a solution since there were more than 80 persons who needed homes.

Some properties in ‘red zones’ will not receive building permits

Patrick explained that in the case where several homes were flooded they will not be issued with building permits since they are said to be in “the red zone.” Until it is determined how they will build in those areas and manage it in a responsible way these areas will have to remain without homes.

“We do not want to put people lives in danger even though it may be on domain lands or on private property since we have to deliver a safe building permit,” said Patrick.

He pointed that some of the red zones are in French Quarter, Sandy Ground, Nettle Bay, Grand Case and French Cul-de-Sac and in areas where the storm surge was about 2-3 meters high during the hurricane. The Collectivite is presently seriously looking at the possibilities of how they will develop those areas in the future to prevent a re-occurrence.