Published On: Mon, Nov 18th, 2019

MPs and Ministers have earned over 50 million guilders since 10-10-10

First Parliamentarians - 10-10-10

~ The political cost of autonomy since 10-10-10: more than 50 million guilders ~

PHILIPSBURG – Members of parliament and ministers have cost the St. Maarten tax payers more than 50 million guilders since the island became an autonomous country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands on October 10, 2010. This appears from research conducted by Ed Gumbs.

The calculation is based on the 2012 salary scales for civil servants. Prime Ministers receive 15 percent above the highest possible scale (scale 17, step 20); this was 18,517 guilders in 2012. Ministers receive 10 percent above this level and members of parliament 5 percent.

Gumbs calculated the expenditures from 10-10-10 until October 30, 2019, and arrived at a grand total of 50,944,526 guilders ($28,460,629) for 66 political office holders. This total does not include the 6 percent representation cost the state paid out. This represents 3,056,672 guilders and would bring the total to 54,001,198 guilders ($30,168,267).

The base gross salary for prime ministers is 22,572 per month, for ministers 21,591 guilders and for parliamentarians 20,609 guilders.

Over the course of the 109 months –from 10-10-10 until October 30, 2019 - St. Maarten operated as an autonomous country the cost for political office holders has been 467,381 guilders per month ($261,107) and 495,424 guilders ($276,773) if the representation costs are included.

The research list contains the names of 66 citizens that have held political office since 10-10-10. Of this number, 26 served as members of parliament only and 22 as ministers only. Another 8 served as minister and member of parliament, 3 as minister plenipotentiary, 2 as prime minister and minister (Rafael Boasman and Wycliffe Smith), 2 as deputy minister plenipotentiary, 1 as prime minister (Marcel Gumbs), 1 as prime minister and member of parliament (Sarah Wescot-Williams) and 1 as prime minister, minister and member of parliament (William Marlin).

Sixteen of these 66 politicians made more than one million guilders and just four made more than 2 million. The top earners on the list above the 2 million-mark are: 1. Sarah Wescot-Williams: 2,416,209 guilders, 2. Frans Richardson: 2,246,427, 3. Theo Heyliger: 2,182,636 and 4. William Marlin: 2,162,026.

At the bottom of the earnings list are three ministers with a short tenure to their name: 64. Maria Buncamper-Molanus: 64,772 guilders, 65. Earnest Sams: 43,182 and 66. Chris Wever: 43,281.

First Members of Parliament - 10-10-10



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