Published On: Sat, Aug 4th, 2018

Statement Curacao Public Prosecutor about Francesco Corallo

Babel - Prosecution Case against Gerrit Schotte

WILLEMSTAD/PHILIPSBURG –In a press release regarding the asset recovery case against Gerrit Schotte and his lifepartner Cicely van der Dijs, the Curacao Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that as much had been said by the defense team in the courtroom about Francesco Corallo in the “Babel” case, it felt obliged to make the following statement.

“At the time when the prosecution against Schotte for bribery came forward, the possibility of Corallo himself being prosecuted was naturally considered as well.” the statement read. “After reviewing the law and jurisprudence it turned out that there were quite a number of legal issues with the prosecution of Corallo for active bribery. This had to do with old legislation and the fact that Corallo was not a resident of Curacao.”

“Furthermore, in the considerations for not prosecuting Corallo for the time being, was the factor that he was likely to face a long prison sentence in Italy.” the statement continued.

Finally, the Curacao Public Prosecutor stated that it had been informed by Italian colleagues that the criminal case against Corallo in Italy is still in session and to be held in Rome in mid-November this year.

“That Corallo is now at liberty, and has been seen on St. Maarten, is because the maximum term of his house arrest in Italy had expired. It does not mean that he will no longer be prosecuted in Italy.” the statement concluded.

The judge in the Court of First Instance will give his ruling in the “Babel” confiscation case against Gerrit Schotte and Cicely van der Dijs on Thursday, August 30, 2018, at 1:30pm.