Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2018

Former Minister Maurice Lake sets the record straight

Maurice LakeDear Editor,

I understand it’s in the heart of an election and some political parties would try to put others into a bad light for their own political gain. When I saw a letter from Fe Hernandez-Liburd of trying to destroy our local companies I wasn’t surprised by the content of the letter trying to discredit two former Ministers.

I have obtained all the facts and documents to present to the media on how as a former Minister I had helped this local business. Please see attached documentation. I have also sent the facts to the StMaartenNews.com to set the record straight.

The matter was discussed with Hernandez on several occasions that Air Lekkerbek is located in the area needed for a future round-a-bout (information from the department of New Works). At first a parcel of government land was offered to her a little bit further from the location of Air Lekkerbek. See attached advice and decree from 2012/2013.

As you can read in the advice it was according to her request. I wanted to establish a commercial center (Economic Service Center) close to the location of Air Lekkerbek, with one entity to manage it, it was proposed to Hernandez that Air Lekkerbek would have a space within this building instead of a separate location.

Hernandez agreed to that and her company, Presella Enterprises N.V., was included in the advice for the commercial center which was to be managed by the Chamber. A draft of a development agreement for the Economic Service center is attached as well where you can find the company.

If it is for one Minister for promoting local entrepreneurship, it is Maurice Lake. Tell me of one other Minister who have created and helped other local businesses than myself during my tenure?

I don’t want to get into political games. I just want to focus on my main objective for this election which is building back St. Maarten, and putting our people back on their feet by creating jobs, housing for our people and seniors.

Maurice Lake