Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2018

Subscriber StMaartenNews.com refutes Minister Gitterson’s claims

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PHILIPSBURG — In an email to the publisher, a subscriber of StMaartenNews.com refutes the claims of Minister of VROMI, Miklos Gitterson, that the GEBE customers have been reconnected to the grid. In a statement on Wednesday Gitterson announced that all districts with the exception of those homes and or businesses being reconstructed have been reconnected to the electrical grid of public utility company NV GEBE.

In her email, Yuanita Salomons writes:

Please be aware that the statement from Minister Gitterson in today’s news is erroneous. He must have been provided with this information by GEBE.

At least my personal information is that one apartment in Cay Bay on Accordian Road 4b has to date not been reconnected. They told us they would install a meter wall (since the wooden wall it was originally connected to is no longer there).

We prepared all pipes for this, but the wall is still not there.

Also my water meter that was removed by Irma on September 6th 2017, has to date not been reinstalled by GEBE. This is in Dawn Beach Estate. The electricity was restored at the same address.

I am in contact with them on a weekly basis, but so far still waiting.

I wonder if there are more issues like mine with other customers. Maybe you could do a shout out for people to respond to to find out.

Not blaming anyone, especially not a Minister who works with the information he gets. Would love to get it solved though.

Thank you.

Yuanita Salomons

Obviously, the apartment in Cay Bay referenced by Salomons is not being reconstructed as the minister mentioned as the exception for not being reconnected to the grid by GEBE. However, the construction of the wall necessary for the meter needed is the responsibility of NV GEBE. One subscriber with two re-connection issues might be a good indication that there may be more people with similar problems. Therefore the minister should look into this matter.

GEBE power plant and Cay Bay

The minister further announced that in regarding to the underground cabling, there are 200 projects which will be executed over a two to three-year period.

The minister stated that in an update on the repairs to NV GEBE’s water supply tanks seven out of 15 tanks were damaged by the September hurricane. Materials to facilitate the repair of tanks arrived in the country last December.

Efforts have been underway to repair the water tanks and the first of two tanks on Cay Hill have been repaired and will be put back into operation this week. Both tanks hold a combined 7.500 cubic meters of water, according to the minister’s statement.