Published On: Sun, Jan 28th, 2018

Why yes to Spadaro and not a basketball court for the youth of Fort Willem Mr. Giterson of UP/DP coalition?

Basketball Court Fort Willem

Dear Editor,

Why is this interim cabinet hell-bent to destroy the approval granted by his predecessor CHRISTOPHE EMMANUEL of the NA to build the long awaited and promised basketball court for the youth of Fort Willem and St. Maarten as a whole?

Is it simply because Mr. Miklos M. C. Giterson is trying to make himself a name as a friend of Hotelier Spadaro and family and that he sees no financial benefit for himself from the youth of Fort Willem?

Could it be that he is working on instructions of the coalition DP/UP, well known for the relation with this hotelier group? Do we remember the deal featuring Saro Spadaro on the Airport construction that sent many local St. Maarteners to prison for the Italian contractors?

Can anyone understand what else could be the case that gives this young man, newly appointed Minister of VROMI for the UP/DP coalition, in his good senses, the stamina to give the Spadaro group first priority above our people the youth of Fort Willem? Is he nearing the edge of becoming senile?

We believe that Minister Mr. Miklos M. C. Giterson, owes an immediate apology to the people of St. Maarten and Fort Willem in particular. Are these the people that we should trust to govern this country? No way, we call on the voters not to vacillate or hesitate to oust them out of office on Election Day.

Hey, young voters, take no chances!!! Don’t gamble with your progress. Return NA/Chris Emanuel to office and allow him to continue his unfinished job on behalf of this community and St. Maarten.

On the whole, as you can testify that he has done work for the people of this forgotten district.

You see what is going on, you see what they think of you, please don’t gamble and be sorry later.

One has shown his hand, you show them yours on Election Day and send them back where they came from.