Published On: Sat, Jan 20th, 2024

Governor appoints two informateurs

PHILIPSBURG — Governor Ajamu Baly has appointed Dr. Nilda Arduin and Drs. Candida Joseph RO EMIA as informateurs and requested that they submit their report by February 2.

A press release from the Governor’s office labels the coalition agreement signed by four political parties (URSM, NOW, DP and PfP) as “preliminary.”

The Governor has asked the two informateurs to pay specific attention to seven issues during their assignment. Top of the list is the sustainability of public finances, in connection with the reliability of collection and the simplification of the tax system.

Another issue is law enforcement, in particular “the imbalance in the enforcement chain and the construction of the new prison.”

Governor Baly also has asked the informateurs to monitor the progress of reconstruction processes, mutual agreements between the Netherlands and St. Maarten and the implementation of the country package.

The legal position of civil servants and the building of sufficient substantive and formative capacity in the government also require attention. According to the Governor’s press release this includes paying attention to good employment conditions, sufficient growth of new talent and attention to the St. Maarten diaspora. Opportunities for sufficient personal growth of government employees are also on the wish list.

Lastly, the Governor wants the informateurs to look at economic resilience and healthcare, both in the longer term, and at the governance of public companies.

Candida Joseph is described in her bio that is attached to the press release as an operational consultant who advises and guides institutions in the development and implementation of tailored measures and solutions geared towards achieving their goals.

Dr. Nilda Arduin holds a doctorate in science of law from the Free University in Amsterdam; she served as St. Maarten’s first Ombudsman from 2010 until December 2018. Currently, her consultancy agency Burofocus provides master classes to members of parliament and other institutions.


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