Published On: Sat, Sep 19th, 2020


PHILIPSBURG — On Wednesday, the 16th of September 2020, this – One Island, One People, One Destiny – came together as One and with One Voice sent One Message to the one person that was showing pure disregard for the unique cultural heritage of this island and the spirit in which we have been living for hundreds of years. This Island will not be divided. The borders we share are symbolic and will remain symbolic. This is what makes our island unique and “The Friendly Island”.

The Sint Maarten Christian party – SMCP was contacted during the course of last week by the Secretary of the Federation of Churches – FEDOC, Evangelist Hélène Hunt, concerning our willingness to get involved and render assistance in getting Great Bay, the Christian Community and as many as possible involved and motivated in joining this movement which was initiated by Soualiga United. In order to not make it seem political, it was decided to contact Ms. Clara Reyes who did an amazing job in rallying the community and keeping our cultural heritage at the forefront.

With the re-opening of schools this year, while having checkpoints that had already been put in place, a distasteful situation was created with an unacceptable treatment of our children. While knowing the role that is played internationally by the very same entity that champions human rights and the rights of a child and the rights of a child to education, it was imperative to get involved.

With the possibility of the set deadline of the 15th of September being extended and being fully aware of the growing frustration and tension of our people, Soualiga United made a great decision in getting as many involved as they could. Meetings were held and plans were made in preparation of an eventual extension which in the end was officially published to go into effect for another two (2) weeks until the 1st of October. Time might have been short, nevertheless all who were there were ready.

What we as a people experienced and witnessed on Wednesday, the 16th of September, is something we now share and should never forget. The coming together of Great Bay and Marigot, one Soualiga United, a SXM United, claiming and defending a common cause, securing our cultural heritage.

Having accomplished that which was set out to be done, we have seen the power of a people united and with heartfelt gratitude commend all for a job well done with a very forceful and peaceful demonstration against the civil and social injustice that had been taking place for the past weeks. Without provocation, in love and unity with one another.

Our accomplishment though great brings with it a shared responsibility. We are now ALL as soualigans to share the RESPONSIBILITY of securing a safe SXM and making the necessary adjustments to curve the spread of the COVID-19. Don’t be fooled or mislead. Boost your immune system, sanitise your area (work spaces), belongings (bags, phones, keys) and possessions (homes & transport vehicles), wash your hands and encourage and strongly impress upon others to do the same!!! We must all by all means do the necessary in order to avoid the justification of a repeat of having our movements restricted across our symbolic borders.

As members of the Sint Maarten Christian Party – SMCP, we are pleased to have joined forces with Soualiga United in this grand movement and surely look forward to continuing the work that has begun. There’s much more to be done Soualiga, be vigilant, be prepared.

We give God thanks for the harmony, peace and positive results.

Thank you, Evangelist Hélène Hunt, Secretary of the Federation of Churches – FEDOC, for reaching out to the Sint Maarten Christian Party – SMCP to join this movement.

Thank you Ms. Clara Reyes for the important role you played Uniting the people of S’Maatin.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all who were there, for coming out to support this peaceful demonstration and protest.

Thank you SXM – Thank You Oulachi – Thank you Soualiga United!!!

The Board of SMCP


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