Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2024

StMaartenNews.com and SXMCommunityTV Launch News Cafe

StMaartenNews.com and SXMCommunityTV Launch News Cafe: A Weekly Intellectual Debate Show about St. Maarten news and developments

St. Maarten, January 31, 2024 — StMaartenNews.com and SXMCommunityTV are excited to announce the launch of the new news debate show, News Cafe, airing every Thursday night at 8 pm. The inaugural episode is set for Thursday, February 8, 2024, with the intriguing topic of “The Political Reality in St. Maarten.”

About News Cafe:

News Cafe, hosted by Terrance Rey, owner, publisher, and editor of StMaartenNews.com, in collaboration with SXMCommunityTV, is a platform designed for thought-provoking news, views, reviews and interviews on critical issues impacting St. Maarten. The show aims to dissect complex topics in a way that is accessible to the common person, fostering understanding and engagement.

Debut Episode: Political Reality in St. Maarten

The first episode of News Cafe will feature an intellectual debate on the political reality in St. Maarten. Inspired by an article from writer and journalist Mr. Fabian Badejo titled “How we describe our political reality in St. Martin,” the show will explore the meanings and misuses of terms such as “Citizens,” “Country St. Maarten,” “Our Democracy,” “Political Parties,” and more.

Guest: Dr. Julio Romney

The distinguished guest for the debut episode is author and political analyst, Dr. Julio Romney.

Slogan: End the Day with News Cafe!

The slogan “End the Day with News Cafe!” reflects the show’s commitment to providing insightful content that stimulates intellectual curiosity and encourages viewers to engage with the political and social realities of St. Maarten.

Regular Broadcast Schedule:

Starting February 8, News Cafe will air every Thursday night at 8 pm. The show promises a lineup of diverse topics, engaging discussions, and expert guests to keep the audience informed and enlightened.

Governor’s Decision Tie-In:

The decision of the Governor to appoint two informateurs despite a formed majority coalition will be a point of discussion as well as this ties into the broader political reality to be explored in this first episode of News Cafe.

Join Us at News Cafe:

News Cafe invites the public to tune in every Thursday night at 8 pm to participate in the intellectual debates and gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape in St. Maarten. The last 15 minutes of the show will feature interactive Q&A chats via Facebook and YouTube where viewers can pose questions and comments.

For media inquiries and additional information, please contact:

Terrance Rey
Email: info@stmaartennews.com
Phone/Whatsapp: +17215880800

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About StMaartenNews.com:

StMaartenNews.com is a leading online news platform dedicated to providing professional and accurate information about St. Maarten/St. Martin. With a commitment to journalistic integrity, StMaartenNews.com serves as a reliable source of news, analysis, and insights on the local community and beyond.

About SxMCommunityTV:

SxMCommunityTV is the brainchild of VidMedia Solutions, unlike it’s parent company, SxMCommunityTV will focus on Public Broadcasts, bringing the community of St. Maarten and neighboring islands together. SXMCommunityTV will feature All Things Public, Community BillBoard Notices, Live Streaming of Public Events, Live Interviews, Sports Broadcasting, etc., and eventually build up to a 24×7 programming.

SxMCommunity TV can be found online at http://bit.ly/sxmcomtv. Our slogan is “Let’s Watch Together”

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