Published On: Wed, Feb 7th, 2024

VidMedia Solutions Wraps Up Successful Election Coverage

ST. PETERS — VidMedia Solutions, the video production company behind the groundbreaking ‘Election Watch: St. Maarten Decides’ coverage for the 2024 Parliamentary elections, concluded its final evaluation meeting following the successful live stream of the election results on January 11th, 2024.

The project started in September, Mr. Reginald Richardson, Project Manager for VidMedia Solutions, explained. “It was very challenging to find the perfect combination of team members. Despite the hurdles, a team was assembled, and each member diligently tackled their respective roles.”

At the concluding evaluation meeting, team members deliberated over the challenges encountered during the broadcast, proposed enhancements for future endeavors, and explored potential collaborations with SIPPS for the next ‘Leaders Debate Broadcast’. A primary topic of discussion was the delay in results announcements, with the first polling station’s results arriving around midnight and the final ones at approximately 6am in the early morning.

Following the meeting, team members reminisced on the journey with laughter and shared anecdotes, raising toasts to Election 2024 – a broadcast spanning 10 arduous hours.

The broadcast was streamed across four platforms: Facebook, YouTube, IPTV, and Radio.

VidMedia Solutions extends heartfelt gratitude to all contributors who played a pivotal role in the broadcast’s success, including Belair Beach Hotel, StMaartenNews.com, Radio101.5FM, YouthRadio 92.5FM, TelEMTV 15, DCOMM, Integrity Chamber, Dr. Fire Entertainment, and, notably, all team members.

Link to recording: bit.ly/sxmdecides