Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2023

Former mayor Albert Fleming passed away

MARIGOT — Former mayor Albert Fleming-Romney passed away at the age of 86 at the hospital in Marigot on Monday due to heart failure. Fleming was Marigot’s mayor for 24 years, from 1983 until 2007.

Louis Mussington, the current president of the Collectivité of Saint Martin, offered his condolences in a written statement “with deep sadness and a heavy heart.”

“This news has plunged our community in an ocean of sorrow. “He was a child of the land and he had a strong connection with every citizen of Saint Martin, with every family.”

Mussington stated that Fleming was more than a politician. “He was a true community-oriented person, respected by everyone, always humble, smiling and paying attention to the wellbeing of the people.”

Fleming made an extraordinary journey through life: from mason to entrepreneur to mayor. “He was the living example of what one can accomplish through determination and perseverance.”

During his tenure as mayor, Fleming left an unparalleled impression on the political landscape. “His central role in the constitutional evolution of our Collectivité in 2007 is an essential part of his political career. In spite of differences of opinion, he has managed to unite forces to present a innovative project to minister Brigitte Gardin in 2003. Due to his efforts Saint Martin has acquired a status established by organic law that recognizes our specific interests.”

“The passing of Albert Fleming-Romney marks the end of a flamboyant period, his footprint will remain forever in the history of Saint Martin,” Mussington stated. “Farewell Mr. mayor. May your soul rest in eternal peace.”